Development - November 10, 2019

Wdgts app

If you own an Ios smartphone, then you know this wdgts app. It is a specially designed interface for the people owning Apple products to get a custom widgets section for the frequently viewed applications. For instance, the calendar, weather, alarm clock, news updates, and so on must be available on our home page to get updates and check them instantly.

This app does the same and also, the apps can be customized by the users. For instance, if you are active on social media, then you can add them as widgets so that you get the notifications directly without missing on the home page.

Features Offered By Widgets App

The app is an extraordinary feature for iPhone users as they can easily set their apps and other important updates as widgets on their home screen. This reduces time and effort to reach out to the particular application or check out important things like time or date. One can check the batter performance, app launch, and other features using the app easily.

In short, this app reduces and optimizes the amount of effort to be spent on searching the app and time or such things over the phone.

To sum up, the Wdgts App is very great for the ones who need the tasks to be done instantly with a single touch.

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