Entertainment - February 6, 2020

Gunning for Glory: Guns of Glory Second

Guns of Glory by William Webb is a sequel to Guns of Glory and tells the tale of Black Axe fighting another huge monster called Grimnir. This sequel was written as a sequel to that book and was intended to be the same with the same storyline, just different settings and plots.

Here we see a few characters from the previous book, Black Axe and the Red Death as well as a few new ones. All of them though are given another personality, and their motives changed completely. The plot itself changed as well and though all the focus was on the Black Axe again, it didn’t do much for my interest in reading the book.

The introduction of “gun cards” was interesting but all in all not as strong as the events of the previous book, though I found that very interesting. The gun cards were fairly obvious at first, where characters only had one card in their hand, but were turned into a minor part of the plot when Grimnir needed to get to Black Axe as soon as possible, because he couldn’t be stopped with his cannon.

One thing that wasn’t mentioned that I did remember was the introduction of the concept of “gun luck”. A character with high guns would help Black Axe gets past many of the monsters and traps. This game took some of the focus away from Black Axe and I did appreciate this.

Another thing that was left out was the introduction of “Gunmasters”. They would have an ability to have more guns, because each one could be a crucial part of a big battle. Overall, I felt like there were more events to focus on, so it made for a bit of a mess. However, I am a bit disappointed that the Gunmasters weren’t in Guns of Glory and did feel like they were being left out because they weren’t developed enough, because they were necessary to the plot.

There were also very few “Nonsense” to be had in this book, though there were plenty of “Silver Seas”. However, I think that if they wanted to use a similar theme then they should have used the same storyline. For example, if they wanted to make Black Axe fight Black Death, they should have put those two on a boat and have Black Axe trying to kill those two.

Overall I found the story about Black Axe and Grimnir very interesting, though I wasn’t too much into the sequels. It wasn’t really my cup of tea, but it wasn’t bad and could be read.

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