Mobile software - February 6, 2020

Garena Gets Its First Major Act

In early April, Global Arena hosted the World Cyber Games at Garena’s epicenter. The event brought in an assortment of gaming luminaries including Usain Bolt, the man who claimed Olympic gold in the 100 meter dash. It also had a variety of gaming celebrities and legends. It’s no surprise that the event was a major milestone for Garena, which hosted it at the same location for the first time.

Usain Bolt, the greatest sprinter on the planet, was right in the middle of the action. He was on a plane to South Africa and when he came back he was presented with a miniature basketball court with his name emblazoned on it. A lanky athlete who sprays of being short and spindly, he can easily move from one end of the court to the other, even while doing all the ground drills required. He is relatively new to gaming, but this was by far his best achievement yet. Unfortunately, his personal gaming career has been derailed by a series of back injuries, which have severely limited his ability to move around on a game court.

Jordin James, famous for his shoes and apparel, is now the chief executive officer of Lan Dong Entertainment and Garena. He is also the former general manager of Netease, a pioneering Chinese gaming company. He is always at the forefront of emerging technology, and during his visit to South Africa, he made sure that he took in the sights of this popular event.

For Netease, it was not just a show but a marketing and advertising move, putting an icon on a global stage. The geeks out there will recognize what Netease had been through with its multi-million dollar investment and the help of gaming luminaries. With the backing of a big name like Usain Bolt, Netease is looking to get back to the top of the gaming world.

Other exciting gaming accomplishments came from Garena, and it included three event organizers of the event: Jennifer “Xojo” Dale, Stephen Roberson and Patrick “Plats” Christian. Plats, perhaps best known for hosting the recent beta version of the first MMORPG ever to be released in the West, held the Garena Challenge at the National Stadium. They decided to hold the tournament as a competitive tourney to test how much competition existed in the online arena. They also challenged gamers from all over the world to play against each other.

For Plato, the next big challenge was getting in touch with the great community of gamers that online gamers have to offer, in order to build real life online relationships with them. It’s just another reminder that the world of online gaming is a very real and existent part of our society. It’s a very good thing that both sides of this debate are beginning to talk to each other, because it is clearly drawing a lot of attention to both sides of the line.

Global Arena is but one more tool for the gamers of the world to realize their dream. It is up to each and every gamer to decide whether they want to use it to promote themselves, as well as the gaming giants themselves, or if they are willing to let the power of the virtual world take control.

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