Mobile software - November 30, 2019

Get creative and share pictures with muzy app

Clicking pictures and sharing them with friends and followers is the biggest social trend of this century. Muzy app is the perfect platform for those who have a creative side in them and would like to share the same with friends. Take pictures, make them look good jazzy and good with muzy and share them on muzy social platforms or other social media accounts.

Best edits and filters

On this app one can find various features that can help in editing and making one’s picture look creative and fun. There are several colleges to choose from ranging from some of the basic layouts to the more complex ones. Also, there are several filters to choose from which can give a new twist to the pictures. One can also add frames to the pictures or add status messages using several dedicated fonts from the app.

Share and get likes

Simply making a picture look good and fun is never enough. Therefore, on this app, there is an option to share the same with friends and followers. One can either choose to share the picture on muzy which the muzy followers can see and like, or can directly share with facebook, Instagram or Twitter. One can also send the picture through texts, SMS or emails using the app. If one does not want to share the picture, then also one can choose to simply save it to the device.

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