TV series - March 10, 2020

Dragonball Z Review

Recently I bought a Dragonball Z video game for my PlayStation 2. The game is a lot of fun and I have to admit that when I was young, this is the type of game that I looked forward to every week when I had a long weekend away from home. But I have to confess that my children, the fifth and sixth of my wife and me, are less enthusiastic about Dragonball Z than my sons and my wife are.

In order to test it out we all went and watched the final fight in the series; the battle between Vegeta and his two sons, Super Saiyan. (The first one from Planet Namek, who comes back after a long absence to try to revive his family by destroying Goku and the others). All six kids enjoyed this fight and so did my wife.

Dragons in movies and TV are usually pretty evil and violent. Sometimes the kids are portrayed as bad guys who get killed in many instances. Sometimes they even come with superpowers, like during the Spiderman movie. It is good to see that Dragonball does not follow this trope.

Dragonball Z, the new movie from Akira Toriyama, is actually very good. The most obvious change is the fact that the previous Dragonball has black and white in its graphics. In Dragonball it’s more or less brown and blue.

Dragonball Z fans know that the background is quite dark and cool music, much like its children’s TV counterpart. This makes it even more interesting for children who don’t care much about TV, but might be drawn to the action if they hear a nice background and cool music. Even in our house, as we all have a PlayStation and play Dragonball, we listen to the soundtrack on some “grown up” radio stations at times to stay entertained.

Dragonball was adapted from a Japanese manga series, though the original story was the subject of a TV show, and Dragonball Z was based on it. Thus Dragonball Z is essentially a retelling of the original story with a few new characters thrown in. One major difference that is hard to miss is that the children’s characters have not been stripped of their identities and can even fight in the cartoon for one episode as their “super powers”.

The production values are very good and it is quite amazing how good the animation was. Although they may not be so hot on the visuals, you can tell that they put in tons of effort to make the animation look great. It is also interesting to see that the enemies and the monsters are quite dynamic, especially the way that they fly around and then fall back to earth. Overall, I am looking forward to Dragonball Z, which I expect to be a hit.

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